Monday, May 19, 2014

Six simple herbal prescriptions for orchitis patients

Orchitis, as one of the most painful diseases for man, is curable for Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. T help more orchitis patients far away from this disease, Here i list six simple herbal prescriptions for them , which can be done at home.

Ingredients: raw rhubarb 60g, Japanse thistle herb without core 60g, fresh ginger without peel 60g.
Patients need to mix and grind the three herbs and a make them all look like mud. After that, the mud should be dressed on scrotum with gauze cover. Around 10 minutes later, patients can experience a cold comfortable feeling. Patients should repeat this processing everyday.
Ingredients: One centipede, one scorpion, 10 white pepper
Patients need to bake the centipede without head and tail and the scorpion with mild fire, and then mix the two with white pepper and grind all them into powder. Patients should drink this powder with warm rice wine.
Ingredients: alumen 0.4g, saltpeter 1.2g
If one has swelling on testicles or unbearable pain on groin, he can take a the mixture( alumen and saltpeter powder) with barley water. Patients need to take this powder three times a day, if the symptom is severe.
Ingredients: small bitter sweet 4.5g, lychee seed 15g, orange seed 9g, Chinese ginger 9g , rhizoma corydalis 9g, akebiaquinata 9g
acute orchitis patients can boil the 6 herbs that list above with water. They only need to drink the water one time every day.
Ingredients: Jujube without seed, some orange seed
Patients should put around 5 to 6 orange seeds into the Jujube and then bake them. After that, they also need to grind them into powder and drink it with rice wine. Patients only need to take this power 1g each time, two times a day .
Ingredients: grass canopy 641g, Tsuen wan 6g, rhizoma alismatis 6g, plantain Seed 6g, industral 6g
Patients should boil all of the herbs with water and drink the water before sleeping. This only need to be done one time per day.

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