Monday, December 22, 2014

Fuyan pill isn’t a scam

As a founder of Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM clinic and the inventor of Fuyan pill, recently, I was shocked by some words that I found on

According to the answer of MissA, the Fuyan pill is a scam and works effective for a huge variety of diseases, like endometriosis, adenomyosis, vaginitis, PID, chlamydia, infertility caused by infection and tubal conditions. She takes the view that it is impossible for Fuyan pill to do this. Because those diseases have nothing in common except that they take place in the female reproductive system.

As a matter of fact, what she said is not completely correct. As you may know that than 5000 year’s history makes China build her own medical system – Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM is a different medical system from western medicine system. In the Ancient time, it is hard for herbalist to figure out the real reason of the disease, because they lack of equipment. So commonly they only can observe the symptoms that diseases showed up and define the disease according to the symptoms. And the conditions that Fuyan pill can work on always have some symptoms in common, including the vaginal discharge, the menstrual blood and the pelvis pain and so on. And based on the theory of TCM, those symptoms commonly are caused by sluggish blood and Qi, stasis, dampness, and so on. Therefore, based on this theory, those diseases can be cured by the same herbal medicine.

MissA also mentioned that the Fuyan pill is only a patented herbal medicine and the patents only protect ideas which even do not have to be valid. I have to say, in some ways, this makes sense. However, do you think that the patent bureau would waste citizen’s resources on an invalid product? I don’t think so. The patent bureau won’t spend so many resources on an invalid product. They also need data but which might not be so strict like the medical bureau need.

At last, she also mentioned that the all the Fuyan pill group has is a lot of testimonials. Actually, our group not only provides the testimony for customs but also provides the screen grabs for their patients, because the screen grabs are more convincible. Our group has medical license. And the license can be seen on bottom of this page: To sum up, Fuyan pill is not a scam and it can be trusty.

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