Monday, November 26, 2012

what is miscarriage and how to avoid it

What is miscarriage? It refers to the fetus in the uterus can survive by itself and don’t have spontaneous expulsion. From a report, almost 15% to 30% woman has miscarriage at their first time. And the miscarriage rate can be 80%, if there is something wrong with their uterus.
Miscarriage can be caused by fetal, placental, or maternal factors. The factor of fetal is usually caused miscarriage between the weeks 9 to 12. It also includes the abnormal development of embryo which can lead fatal death and faulty implantation and failure implantation.
Placental factor always causes miscarriage at the fourteenth week. It includes premature separation of the normally implanted placenta and abnormal placental implantation.
Maternal factor always causes miscarriage between the weeks of 11th and nineteenth. It includes endocrine problems, trauma, certain immune disorders or blood group incompatibility and other diseases.
There are some signs such as several days or weeks of pink or brown discharge before the onset of cramps, if one has miscarriage. The cramps can occur more frequently and then the cervix dilates to expel uterine.

The diagnosis of miscarriage is based on the uterine contents and clinical symptoms. Decreased human gonadotropin, a hormone present in the blood or urine during pregnancy can cause miscarriage. A pelvic test can figure out the size of uterus. It can tell us that do it suitable for woman to have a baby.
The treatment of this disease should be making sure after series exams. If your miscarriage is caused by fallopian tubes blockage or endometriosis, you can take antibiotics to treat it. Endometriosis and fallopian tubes blockage are caused by bacteria, thus, the best treatment of it is taking antibiotics. But before you start to take it, you would better ask doctors. They can tell how long and how much you have to take. Or you can make those bacteria to develop drug resistance. When you find the effectiveness of those antibiotics weakened, you also have to ask doctors to change the dosage of it, for it really is easy for bacteria to develop resistance of drugs, once the bacteria have resistance, your disease can develop into chronic disease which is hard to heal.
As long as you follow the prescription of doctor’s, you can be healed and get pregnant quickly. May you have a good health condition again with the treatment of antibiotics.

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