Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why cystitis patients have to drink more water?

At Wuhan Dr. Lee’ TCM clinic office, Ms. Liu tells Dr. Lee that every time when she went to the toilet, she would urinated nothing or urinated with pain which makes Ms. Liu annoying and unendurable. According to Ms. Liu’ prescription, Dr. Lee doubts that Liu infect cystitis, so she asks Liu to take some examinations which shows that it is acute cystitis.
Dr. Lee tells Liu to drink more water at daily life which makes Liu don’t understand, because every time when she drinks water which makes she wants to urinate it is painful. So she asks Dr. Lee why? Dr. Lee tells she that most infection of cystitis are upward infectious which means the bladder was infect by the bacteria and inflammations of the vagina and anus, for Those bacteria and inflammations can return to bladder with the returned urine. Thus, they have to drink more water to relieve the symptoms, because the increased the urinating times wash the bacteria away and stop infection. So she cannon afraid of drinking water due to the painful urinating.

“Most people may have this experience, if they don’t drink water or drink rarely a day, when they urinating, they can feel pain when urinating, but this situation will disappear after increasing the urinating times.” Dr. Lee says. “Thus, in order to prevent the cystitis, people have to drink water more frequently every day, especially on the hot weather.”
What’s more, bride is a group to get cystitis easily. So they have to urinating after sex to wash the urinary track.
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