Saturday, December 8, 2012

The relationship between female infertility and endometrial thickening disorder

Endometrium is a part of Mammals uterine wall, which can get thicker with the menstrual period and affect the discharging of female’s estrogen and progesterone. Its clinical manifestation is dysfimction uterine bleeding and the major symptoms are irregular menses, menorrhagia and menostaxis.
No matter the Endometrium becomes thin or thick, it is very dangerous for woman to have endometrial thickening disorder, because the consequence of it is horrible. The thick or thin Endometrium can affect woman’s reproductive ability and menstruation. Normally, the common thickness of Endometrium is between 0.8-1.0 mm. if the Endometrium is thicker, the menstrual period will become longer and infertility will happen too, because the fertilized egg cannot implantate
The major clinical manifestation of Endometrial thickening disorder is dysfimction uterine bleeding. Other symptoms like irregular menses, menorrhagia and andmenostaxis are caused by progestogen’s stimulation. It is so straightforward for endometrium to get thicker than normal when is stimulated by disordered ovarian hormone discharging.
LI Chunfeng, a patient of Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM clinic, has endometrial thickening disorder more than one year. She tells Dr. Lee that she has abnormal menstruation one and half years. Sometimes the menstrual period can become normal when she takes antibiotic therapy, once she stops the therapy, the abnormal menstruation comes back. She is unset and annoyed, for all of her tries are failed. But after taking Fuyan Pill, her endometrial thickening disorder is healed and has a baby at the end. Her endometrium is as thick as 3.0cm before she takes our herbal medicine - Fuyan pill. In her first treatment month, the amount of menstruation is large and last for 21 days with the endometrium becomes 2.3cm; in the second month, her flow is still large too but only last for 7 days and the endometrium is thinner than the first month. In the third month her menstruation lasts for 5 days, and the flow is normal, while the thickness of endometrium is 1.2cm. In the fourth month, the endometrium becomes normal and all symptoms eliminated. She is healthy again and won’t be disturbed by endometrial thickening disorder again.
LI Chunfeng is curious that why the curative effect of Fuyan Pill is so awesome. Dr. Lee tells her that Fuyan Pill not only can promote the blood circulation to enhance the curative effect by quickening the penetration speed, it also has guiding drug to lead other drug materials to reach the abnormal part directly. What’s more, Fuyan Pill has no side-effects and no harms. So Miss Kiu’s endometrial thickening disorder can be healed so quickly.

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