Thursday, December 6, 2012

The tests of IC

If you doubt the continuous pelvis pain is caused by chronic bladder infection, you should value this sign. Please don’t ignore the symptoms and let the disease undiagnosed and untreated.
Although there are various types of cystitis, interstitial cystitis is the most dangerous one. The diagnosis of This kind cystitis which consists of sever inflammation on the bladder walls always takes up to more than four years to identify from the signs, for the diagnosis depends on the test of  STIs, bladder cancer and bladder infection.
Its symptoms are chronic pelvic pain on the belly button and can last more than six months, Urinary symptoms and so on. The urinary symptoms always make patients discomfort and have frequent and urgent urination at day and night. There also are some complications can be caused by the chronic pelvic pain like painful sexual intercourse, bladder cancer and bladder infection, etc.

If you have chronic pelvic pain and doubt that you have IC, here are a number of tests recommend for you to take.
1. Cystoscopy (endoscopy of bladder): insert a tiny camera into the bladder to examine the bladder wall and make sure the infection part.
2. Urine cytology: exam the urine sample with microscope to make sure is there any abnormal cells present.
3. Bladder biopsy: to test the bladder tissue sample in the lab and to find the abnormal bacteria and other toxic materials.
4. Urine culture: which is where a sample of urine is placed in a medium and bacteria are allowed to grow to show signs of bacterial infections needing treatment.
5. Urineanalysis: a chemical analysis to make sure is there any signs of infection and inflammation in the urine.
If you do have IC, please don’t worry about it, although there are no treatments for this disease, there also are some ways for you to relieve the symptoms and pains to improve your life quality.   
You should abandon those foods as follows: Soy, Tea , Tofu, Chocolate, Citrus juices, Aged cheeses, Coffee, Onions, Rye bread, Seasonings that contain MSG, Sour cream, Alcohol , Artificial sweeteners, Sourdough bread Tomatoes, Yogurt, etc.
You also can take Fuyan Pill (for woman) and Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill (for man) to relieve the pain. The two pills are good at treating chronic and difficult miscellaneous diseases. Thus, the more you take these pills, the higher chance you can cure this disease.
Take antibiotics therapy. Antibiotic therapy can kill the bacteria in bladder and relieve the symptoms and pain quickly. Thus, antibiotic therapy is good too.

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