Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to Eradicate the Epididymal Nodules? Compared with western medicine treatment, TCM is better in eradicating Epididymal Nodules

Epididymis, adjacent to testicles, is functionally equal to testicles. It plays an important role in man’s reproductive ability. Therefore, man’s health and reproductive ability can be affected greatly once the epididymis is sick. Epididymalnodule is a common epididymal disease that can also bring infertility to man, thus, how to eradicate the epididymal nodules becomes an important concern among people.
To eliminate the epididymal nodules, applying medicine according to causes is the key. In general, epididymal nodules are commonly formed as a complication of epididymitis. Stimulated by inflammatory materials, the fibrous or cicatricial epididymal tissues developed from health epididymal tissues, as time goes on, will be covered by secretions. However, since the epididymis is connected with urethra via Vas deferens, toxic materials like bacteria can enter the epididymis via retrograded urine current, bringing epididymitis to man. Therefore, to eliminate the nodules, eliminating infection and the epididymitis is the key.

Antibiotic therapy is a common choice. This therapy not only has good effect on epididymitis, but also has certain effect on the epididymal nodules. However, as is known to all that the antibiotic therapy has drug resistance and can also bring harm to liver and kidney, thus, antibiotic therapy isn't suitable for chronic diseases or long term treating.
In addition to the antibiotic therapy, surgery is also a choice. This treatment is suitable for people who have their nodules and other epididymal organs adhered. However, choosing this treatment, patients have to face the postoperative infection – a side effect of surgery. Moreover, this way may also bring infertility to man, so it isn't the best treatment either.
Except the two treatments that mentioned above, are there any treatments that are less harmful? Of course, there are. Herbal therapy is a good choice. Compared with the two treatments, there is no need to worry about postoperative infection and epididymal nodules can be eliminated from root.
One herbal pill named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has excellent effect on nodules and epididymitis. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is an herbal pill that has no drug resistance but works as same as antibiotic, so there is no need to worry about the side-effect. What’s more, epididymal nodules and swelling can be relieved totally by this herbal pill by combining promoting blood circulation function with the removing toxin function.

All in all, epididymal nodule is curable, as long as you can find out a suitable treatment based on your own situation.

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