Friday, June 21, 2013

Bad Influences of epididymitis should be known

When boys enter puberty, the desire of having sex is increasing, so if men cannot have sex or take masturbation regularly, spermatorrhea is the only consequence that young men can get. If men over concentrate on sex and touch with female frequently, the chance of getting epididymitis is very high. What are the bad influences of epididymitis?
Duo to the inflammation of reproductive organs, spermatorrhea also can be a symptom of epiddymits. What is epididymitis? It is a disease when there are inflammation purulent in testicles and epididymis. Pain, typical symptom of epididymitis, can happen on one or both sides but, it is more common happens on one side.
This disease can cause frequent congestion for reproductive organs, so the times of spermatorrhea is frequent. Despite of this reason, this consequence also can be caused by prostatitis, urethritis, spermatocystitis, balanitis and so on.

habitual spermatorrhea will cause depression, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, much dream, god fatigue, lumbar debility, memory loss and other adverse change, need to pay attention to. The infection or inflammation of reproductive organs also can be caused by bad personal hygiene, tight jeans, masturbation, spicy food, excessive drinking and too long foreskin, because all of those things mentioned above can cause congestion and lead to inflammatory spermatorrhea.
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