Thursday, June 6, 2013

The reason why reproductive ability can be affected by prostatitis

Do you know why men’s reproductive ability can be affected by prostatitis? If you don’t know, please read this article carefully, because you will be amazed by the facts showed in this article. Nowadays, a large number of men don’t pay attention to the hygiene of sex, so commonly they easily to affect UTI and prostatitis, for the bad and toxic materials in urinary tract can invade prostate and then lead to acute or chronic bacterial prostatitis. What’s more, the inflammation not only can make you sick, but also can change the materials of your prostate fluid. Now, let’s have a look at the reasons:

When affecting prostatitis, the PH value of semen can be affected by inflammation, but sperm cannot stay in an acid environment, so when the PH value of semen down to 6.5, no sperm cannot survive. And this is the first reason why prostatitis men easy to lose their reproductive ability.
Those bad materials including a large number of bacteria, virus, and inflammatory materials in prostate fluid can waste the oxygen and nutrition of semen, so there will be no more oxygen and nutrition for sperm to use. Thus, prostatitis men’s sperm may die of lack of energy and oxygen.
reduced prostatic fluid caused by inflammation not only can reduce the amount of semen, but also can change the composition of semen, so when your prostate fluid has too much coagulating factor, the liquefy time of semen can be longer than half an hour, so before sperm reach egg, they already die.
Although prostatitis is a common male disease, men still have to value this disease, and it is better for men to cure it timely. However, if you already have had this disease, you also can be a father, as long as you can cure it. Commonly, men love to take antibiotic, pain killer and massage to cure this disease, but herbal formula - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is safer and excellent. If you are interested in this pill or want to know more about prostatitis, why not contact us via emails:,

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