Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What can You Do before You Go to See a Doctor for Adenomyosis?

Adenomyosis, as a disease which the uterine lining becomes implanted outside the uterus, commonly happens with endometriosis, and causing heavy blood and serious pain for women. As a highly infected disease, almost 80% women can experience Adenomyosis in their whole lives.
If you suspect you have had adenomyosis , you should see your doctor and take some test for sure. Your first appointment will be with either your primary care physician or your gynecologist. To save time and make sure you cover everything you want to discuss, it's a good idea to prepare for your appointment. What can you do before visiting the doctor?

Write down symptoms and rate the pain you have had, including those that may seem unrelated to you condition.
Think about questions to ask your doctor. Write down any questions, listing the most important ones first, in case time runs out.
Take a notebook or electronic notepad with you. Use it to write down important information during your visit.
Make a list of any medications or vitamin supplements you take. Write down doses and how often you take them.
Before you, if you still have anything don’t understand, ask your doctor to repeat the information or any questions that you are curious.
If you do have adenomyosis, your doctor will give you some advices and some pills for you. In addition to western medicine, you doctor also may advise you to take herbal formula to cure your disease, depending on the health condition you have had. Some with weak liver and kidney better to take herbal formula to cure their adenomyosis, for herbal formula –Fuyan Pill has won’t produce any toxic materials to damage the two organs. If you are interested in this pill, please feel free to contact and the email address are:,

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