Friday, June 13, 2014

Prostatitis interventional therapy or TCM therapy, it's up to you

Prostatitis interventional therapy is a method which now has become the three pillars of discipline followed by surgery and medicine. Relative to surgery, the biggest advantage of interventional therapy is that the wound is small, it only need to insert the tubule into the blood vessel. The common therapies include Urethral interventional surgery and the anal tract interventional surgery.

Mr.Jiang, who had infected with prostatitis for a year. Sometimes, he showed the symptoms of perinea pain and testicular pain. He often can not bear with it. So finally, he went to the hospital for an examination. However, the results showed that the leukocytes in the prostatic fluid are much higher as well as the lecithin. The doctor told him that the situation is very serious, so he should get the surgery of prostate rectum and urethra interventional therapy. But a week later, his anus were still swollen and pain, while had difficulty in urinating. So he made a consult with Wuhan Dr.lee about why this happen and what's the result?

Dr.lee said that like Mr. Jiang, many patients had experienced this similar case. For this situation, the best way to make a completely recovery and to get the minimum hurt is the take the diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. Maybe many doctors will ask the patients to have the interventional therapy for the reason that prostatitis is a male common disease, if it not timely be treated, and then it can lead to infertility. As the doctor grab this psychological of a lot of men, and then make the requirement of the costly intervention therapy which finally lead to a more serious illness.

The main hurt of the interventional therapy can be included into three:

1. Damage to the urethra. Although the intervention therapy can really relieve some symptoms in a short term, but a long time treatment will damage the urethral mucosa, causing the testicular pain and swelling.

2. Prostatitis interventional therapy can cause complications. Prostate interventional therapy would accompany with retrograde infection, and also affect sperm motility. At the same time, the anti-sperm antibodies can easily form, triggering prostate dysfunction.

3. Prostatitis interventional therapy with a high rate of side effects. The patients often appear the symptoms of nausea, emesis and some others. A small number of patients may go with a high fever.

So, for prostatitis interventional therapy, do not be blind to conduct, only in this way you can avoid the damage of your health. Therefore, most patients prefer to choose traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of prostatitis is effective. It usually divided into three stages, the first stage is Heat-clearing and detoxifying, then blood circulation, relieves congestion and pain, and finally Peibu strength, Yishen Tianjing Recipe. The Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pill is such kind of Chinese medicine formulations to give a radical cure thoroughly.

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