Thursday, June 19, 2014

The most costly treatment for orchitis isn’t equal to the best or proper treatment

For man, testicle is one of the most important organs for man’s reproductive system. However, diseases on testicle like orchitis can make man’s reproductive dream broken. Thus, orchitis is a disease that must be cured.
For bacterial orchitis, reduce inflammation and bacteria is the major therapy of western medicine. As you may know, virus or bacteria can induce the orchitis directly, which is the major cause of orchitis. However, orchitis also can be caused by other cause like spreading infection from the nearby organs, due to the weak resistance to infection. At the early stage of orchitis, the inflammation can be relieved by 50% magnesium sulfate solution. What’s more, antibiotics like penicillin or gentamicin also is a good solution of orchitis. Patients should choose the right antibiotics via a drug sensitivity test. As for the orchitis caused by mumps, antibiotics are useless, anti- virus pills is the best.

Orchitis not only can be cured by western medicine, but also the TCM. The two different medical systems have their own understanding on diseases, including the orchitis. In TCM, orchitis is considered as a disease that caused by gathered heat and dampness. Therefore, to cure the orchitis, treatment should has the functions like clearing away heat, dampness and toxin, promoting blood circulation and eliminating stasis and so on. 
There are many treatments have the two functions that mentioned above, but the best is an herbal pill that named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. This herbal pill, by modifying and composing other herbs with the ancient medicine, has the functions of clearing away heat, dampness and toxin, promoting blood circulation and eliminating stasis. Thus orchitis can be cured by this herbal pill totally, and symptoms like swollen also can be eliminated quickly.

I know it is hard to choose a treatment when there are so many choices. But actually, the best treatment isn’t the costly one. The most proper treatment is the best. For example, Herbal treatment is more suitable for people who have drug resistance or weak kidney or liver. Western treatment is more suitable for people whose disease is not severe and want the disease get a cure quickly. 

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