Thursday, June 12, 2014

What man should do in their whole life-span if having sperm problems

“During a man’s life-span, not only his physical condition changes all the time, but also the sperm. The older the man, the greater the chance for him to have deformity baby,” Dr. Lee from Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM clinic said that, “ thus, man should take care of their body and refuse bad living habits, especially have to far away from that kind of environment that full with chemical pollution, radioactive rays, electromagnetic wave and noise.
During puberty, young man should pay attention to abnormal emission
It is common for teenage to have a wet underwear in the morning. Generally speaking, during puberty, a large number of young man can experience this situation which is called emission one time every week. And there also are some who only can experience one time per month. But the two situations are common and won’t bring any bad effect to them. However, If one has frequent emission, it is abnormal and need to be cured.

At the age of 20 to 29, man should build a healthy habit and take timely treatment if having diseases
From 20 to 29, this period is the most active period for sperm. It also is the period that easy to fertilize egg. Man should take care of their sperm by taking more exercise and building a healthy habit, which can extend the life-span of sperm and prolong the happening of erection problem. Moreover, during this period, man have many bad living habits like lack of sleep, excessive drinking and smocking and long time sitting. All of these bad habits can bring diseases such as prostatitis, orchitis epididymitis to them. So if they want to be a father, they should take care of their sperm carefully. But please do not worry about these diseases mentioned above too much if having them, they are curable for Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill - which has no side-effect and no drug resistance but works as good and even better then antibiotics.
At the age of 30 to 49, man should eat more healthy food contains Zn

During this period, the quality of sperm becomes worse. The infertility rate for 35 years old men is as twice as 25 years old men. What’s more, men at this period have to bear too much work pressure, thus, they need to eat more food with Zn to improve the quality of sperm. They also need to quit bad habits and taking more exercises.

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