Thursday, July 4, 2013

Adenomyosis, treatment and infertility

Adenomyosis is a condition that the endometrium grows in other outside of uterus. And it also is known as a type of endometriosis. This disease can cause menstrual pain, heavy menstrual blood and lower abdominal pressure. The condition can be located throughout the entire uterus or localized in one spot.
If you are suffering heavy uterine bleeding, please take a check in hospital of adenomyosis, for the longer you prolong the exams days, the greater harms you will get for yourself. Actually, this disease belongs to endometriosis, for the symptoms of them are same and the causes of them are same too. What’s more, a large number of women who have adenomyosis also have endometriosis, so it is hard to tell the differences of them.
Many women with adenomyosis tell people that it is the major course of infertility, but how does this disease affect women’s reproductive ability
Pregnancy produces a large amount of Natural Progesterone and usually makes adenomyosis slightly. In theory, adenomyosis may present several areas of increased risk to a pregnancy. These would include premature labor, abruptio placenta, and c-section.
Since pregnancy can affect the treatment of adenomyosis, so this dis will affect some Natural Progesterone to affect pregnancy, because this disease wants to survive too. Although antibiotic cannot cure this disease totally and the relapse rate is very high too, there still is hope for women to get rid of this disease. The herbal formula named FuyanPill can cure this disease totally and reduce the relapse rate, for this pill can promote blood circulation, clear away heat and toxic materials dissipate hard lumps and dissolve stasis and release pain. So if you are interested in this pill and want to know more about this pill or adenomypsis, please feel free to contact us and our emails,

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