Friday, July 12, 2013

Four typical symptoms of endometriosis

Although pain in low abdominal area is the typical symptom of endometriosis, other symptoms includes infertility, abnormal menstruation and so on. If women have those symptoms mentioned above, she should receive exams in hospital as soon as possible.
According to some reports from health center, the morbidity of endometriosis is increasing dramatically. around 3-10% reproductive women have this disease. Here are four typical symptoms of endometriosis for women to learn, so that they can receive timely treatment.
Abdominal pain
This is one of the most typical symptoms. The pain commonly comes with the menstrual period. At the first day, the pain is very serious, but will become milder with the time passing. However, the longer the endometriosis has, the severer the pain women can experience.
Endometriosis is one of the most common reasons of infertility. Many researches show that the infertility rate for endometriosis women can be 30-45%. Therefore, if reproductive women have painful menstruation or infertility, they should suspect that they may affect endometriosis.
Abnormal menstruation
Around 15% endometriosis women can experience heavy menstrual blood and prolonged menstruation, while, there also a few group that can experience flowing blood before menstruation. According to a research, the rate of having endometriosis is very high on those women whose menstruation is earlier than 12 years old and enter the menopause is too late.
Painful sexual intercourse
Why endometriosis also can cause painful sexual intercourse to women? According to an expert, the ectopic endometrium changes the location of uterus, so when women having sex, the uterus can be pressured, causing pain.
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