Friday, January 25, 2013

Brief introduction of tubal diseases

Fallopian tube is very important for women. Every woman cannot live without it, if they want to get pregnant naturally. At normal situation, women can get pregnant easily, but when women’s fallopian tubes are sick, the pregnancy rate will be very low. It is very easy for women to have those tubal diseases like tubal adhesion, Hydrosalpinx, Tubal Obstruction, Fallopian Tube-Pelvic Sidewall Adhesion Caused by Pelvic Inflammation is the Reason for Fallopian Tube Bend and Fallopian Tube-Pelvic Sidewall Adhesion Caused by Pelvic Inflammation is the Reason for Fallopian Tube Elevation. Now I will introduce those diseases one by one.

Hydrosalpinx is a common kind of salpingitis. When salpingitis causes tubal adhesion and atresia, secretion of mucosal cells accumulates in lumen. Or, salpingitis produces isthmus and fimbrial end adhesion, the obstruction leads to fallopian tube empyema. When the pus cells in lumen are absorbed and watery liquid produced, we call it hydrosalpinx.
Commonly, inflammation and endometriosis are the main causes of this disease. Tuberculosis infection and annex abscess are the most serious infection conditions, which usually result in adhesion between lower edge of great omentum, intestinal canal, rectum, bladder, uterine adnexa and peritoneum, posterior lobe of broad ligament, posterior peritoneum of pelvic floor, macrovascular, etc. The manifestations are tubal and ovary adhesion, fallopian tube elevation and bend.
Tubal Obstruction
Tubal obstruction is caused by functional contraction. When women have Tubal Obstruction, it is impossible for them to get pregnant by natural ways. As is known, the, fallopian tube is the necessary way for ovum and sperm to pass. When fallopian tube blocked, the ovum and sperm cannot pass and implant in uterus. Another example is when medical and artificial abortion conducted, uterine contraction and sudden relive of vacuum suction make embryonal tissues and the annex enter fallopian tube, causes tubal obstruction, hydrosalpinx and adhesion, and finally leads to infertility.
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