Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Why people think cystitis is one of the most horrible diseases in the world

Why people think cystitis is one of the most horrible diseases in the world? Cystitis is caused by infection and inflammations. This disease can be classified into two types. One is acute cystitis and the other one is chronic cystitis. Actually, the treatment of acute cystitis is very easy. it can be cured by one month taking of antibiotic. On the contrary, the treatment of chronic cystitis is complicated. So I think the high affecting rate of chronic cystitis is the reason.

Cystitis is a disease that both men and women can affect it, but the infection rate in women is higher than men’s, almost 80% of its victims are women, because women have shorter urinary track than man’s and their urethra orifice is closer to the anus. Therefore, how to cure cystitis becomes one of the most important problems for women patients.
Cystitis is a hereditary disease. If your parents, grandparents and other relatives have had this disease before, the infection rate of this disease is 5 times higher than normal people.
Here are some home remedies for women to learn:
Firstly, drink water 6-10 glasses everyday. This is the best and excellent way for people to choose. This way not only can reduce the pain and symptoms, but also can reduce the relapse rate. Bacteria and inflammations can aggravate the symptoms and pain, if those Bacteria and inflammations cannot be flushed out timely. However, many bacteria can be washed out of bladder and urinary track, if people can drink 6-10 glasses water everyday. Moreover, this way has no harms and bacteria can be expelled out urinary track and bladder without problems.
Secondly, women also can take Diureticand Anti-inflammatory Pill to cure their cystitis. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is an herbal medicine. So its materials are from natural materials, so this pill has no drug resistance. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill make with more than 40 rarely herbs, not only its curative effect is wonderful; this pill is very safe too. I hope that every woman can break away from this disease at the end. If women want to know more information about this disease and Fuyan Pill, please email us or visit our online website.

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