Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Women can take Fuyan Pill to cure Endometriosis

When women have tumor in their ovaries, it is ovarian cysts. Women can affect this disease at all ages, but this disease is more prone to those women who are under the ages of  20 – 50.ovarian cysts has many types, which includes unitary type or mixed type, Cystic type or substantive type, benign type or malignant type, but Cystic tumor is one of the most common type for women. What’s more, this type of cysts can easily deteriorate again.

Thus disease hardly can be noticed by women and doctors at its early stage, almost 70% women find they have this disease at terminal period that which cannot be cured. So, there is no doubt that why around 20-30% women have less than five years to live. Ovarian cyst is one of the most horrible female diseases, because of the above mentioned reasons.
Women who have endometriosis, especially those women who have ovarian cyst and endometriosis both have to treat this disease quickly, because of the high connection of them. Most of the time, ovarian cysts are developed from endometriosis. So if women want cure their ovarian cysts, they should cure their endometriosis first. So they have to figure out what endometriosis is.
Endometriosis is a common Gynecologicaldisease. Generally speaking, the endometrial tissues grow in uterus at ordinary times, but when women affect some disease, those tissues will grow in other places. So when there are some endometrial tissues grow in other places, the ectopic tissues are Endometriosis. Those endometrial tissues can grow in ovary and fallopian tubes and so on. Endometriosis is mainly induced by antidromic menstrual blood stream, because some menstrual blood can return to enterocoelia by passing through the tubal. And the endometrial tissue can return to enterocoelia with antidromic menstrual blood stream too. However, it is very strange that almost 90% of women have antidromic menstrual blood stream, but only 10% of women can have Endometriosis. So some people hold the view that Endometriosis is caused by bad lymph.
Women can take Fuyan Pill to cure Endometriosis. Fuyan Pill not only can clear away heat and toxic materials, but also can dissolve stasis and lumps. So the ectopic endometrial tissues not can be taken away by this pill, the bacteria and inflammations which are the source of this disease also can be taken away. What’s more, this pill also can promote Qi and blood circulation. So the curative effect of this pill can be enhanced too. 

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