Friday, January 18, 2013

Treat endometriosis with home remedies

When women have pain in abdomen for many days and cannot find out the exact reason, it is endometriosis. Except the mentioned above symptoms, women also can experience pain in lower back when having sex or bowel movement. Those pains are very serious that make women want to die, especially on the first two days of menstruation. Although there are many treating methods, the curative effect are not always excellent, so more and more women begin to take home remedies to treat this disease. Therefore, I want to list some home remedies for women to learn.

Women should eat more fish, because fish is full of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid. The n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid can restrain the discharge of estrogen. So fish is a natural material for people to prevent this disease. What’s more, women get benefit for that n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid more. So women should eat more Saury and other Deep-sea fishes, because the two are the first two top fishes for women to choose.
The second home remedy is drinking more water and using hand warmer. If women want to relieve the pain, it is better for women to lie on bed and put hand warmer on their abdomen and lower back. Other ways like drinking lots of hot water also can relieve pain and make them more comfortable.
The third way is using cold compress. Many women will be confused by this method, because I told women that it is better for them to drink hot water and use hand warmer. Actually, this way also can help women to relieve pain. Women can use this when the hand warmer and hot water is useless. Women should put ice bag on their lower abdomen. If this way is still useless, please throw ice bag and try other ways.
The fourth way is taking exercise. The growth speed of abnormal endometrial tissues can be slowed by exercise, because exercise can reduce the discharge of estrogen. Not only the mentions functions can be produced by exercise, exercise also can boost the discharge of morphine. So women can take slow walk instead of furious Exercise, because furious Exercise can make the scars more severe.
The last way is taking Fuyan Pill. Not only the symptoms can be relieved by Fuyan Pill, this disease can be cured by this pill too. This pill made with more than 40 rarely herbs and those herbs are from plants and animals. So it has no side-effects. So women don’t have to worry about the relapse and side-effects.

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