Thursday, January 31, 2013

How to avoid the relapse of pelvic inflammatory disease?

How to avoid the relapse of pelvic inflammatory disease? Pelvic inflammatory disease is a common gynecological disease, and it also is a common Gynecological inflammation in married women. It isn’t a good memory. Some women can cure this disease totally and say goodbye to this disease forever, but there also are some women have to bear the endless recurrence. So How to avoid the relapse of pelvic inflammatory disease becomes one of the most important questions for women to solve?

Why some women have to beat the endless relapse of this disease? Those women receive treatment at its acute period, which is very right, but after a period treating, the symptoms get milder or disappeared, so they think that it is no need to cure this disease anymore. There also are some women who love to change the treating methods frequently, at last their acute PID develop into chronic PID.
How to prevent the relapse of pelvic inflammatory disease? Here are the reasons why some women have a high relapse rate:
Women have to follow doctor’s prescription. Some treating methods’ curative effect cannot be seen in a short period. So when they think the treating method is useless, it is vital for them to ask help from doctors and check the treating method again. They cannot change the treating method by themselves, because this behaves makes effects all in vain.
Unsuitable treating method is the second reason. If women follow doctor’s prescription strictly, but still is useless or it recurs quickly, that means your treating method isn’t the best method. So they should choose the best treating method for themselves.
Ignore health care after healing. How pity this kind of patents are, because they have the changes to say goodbye to this disease forever. Actually, after a long time treating, this disease is under control, but if women lower their guard and ignore the health care and prevention, it can recur easily, because human body’s immune system still very weak.
The preventions of this disease:
1. Pay attention to personal hygiene
Women should clean their vulva and change underwear everyday, so that they can keep their perineum cleaning and dry. During the menstrual period or after surgery, women also have to prevent infection.
2. be careful of what they eat
Women should pay attention to their diet. When their pelvic inflammatory disease is acute, spicy food should be avoided. As for those high fever women, it is better for them to drink some fruit juice. Cold and spicy food should be avoided too.

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