Thursday, April 11, 2013

Choose the right treatment for prostatitis by judging the advantages and disadvantages

Prostatitis is an infection on the prostate gland, sometimes, people also hold the view that it is an inflammation without infection. All ages of men can affect this disease especially those men who are older than 50. Many men have to bear this disease again and again no matter what kind of treating methods they tired. Are there any effective treating methods for this disease and if no, do those men have to endure it all their lives?
Men can get this disease if they have the following things: Recently have had a medical instrument, such as a urinary catheter inserted during a medical procedure Engage in rectal intercourse Have an abnormal urinary track Have had a recent bladder infection Have an enlarged prostate Other causes may include autoimmune diseases

As long as you have one or two situations mentioned above, you have to value it and it is better for you to take some test in hospital immediately. However, there is no need to worry about to much because prostatitis can be treated by lots of ways.
As a prostatitis patient, you can experience those symptoms such as frequent urination, chills, fever, painful urination, thinner urine stream, trouble urination and so on. If you have those symptoms, you should take treatment immediately, but before this, you have to go to hospital and take some test to figure out what type of prostatitis you have had.
The common treatments of prostatitis are antibiotic, home remedies, massage, pain killer and herbal medicine, but all of those treating methods are useless for chronic nonbacterial prostatitis except herbal medicine. Why herbal medicine is so amazing, because herbal medicine has something that western medicine doesn’t have.
The herbal medicine - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is the product of Wuhan Dr .Lee’s TCM clinic. This pill has no drug resistance, has no side-effects, so it can be taken for a long time and the curative effect will be good forever. This pill also can promote blood circulation, promote Qi, clear away heat and toxic materials dissipate hard lumps, dissolve stasis and release pain. The disadvantages of herbal medicine are too expensive and the treating course is longer than antibiotic. The advantages of antibiotic are short treating course and excellent curative in treating bacterial prostatitis, while the disadvantages are drug resistance and side-effects.
All in all, the best treatment of prostatitis based on the condition of your health, the prostatitis types and other factors, no matter what kind of treating method you choose, curing it totally is the first standard.

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