Friday, April 19, 2013

Differences between acute cystitis and chronic cystitis

What are the differences between acute cystitis and chronic cystitis? Does everyone know that? Actually, cystitis is a common male reproductive infection and brings great affection to their reproductive organs and when it becomes severest, they may face infertility. It is possible that many men don’t know that cystitis also has many types and the typical types are acute and chronic cystitis, so, the aim of this article is telling people the differences of the two types.

This type of cystitis always happens badly and quickly and patients can experience burning pain on their urinary track when urinating, frequent urination, urgent urination and even uroclepsia. Those symptoms are very obvious that they may have 5 to 6 times urination one hour, but the volume is little and even some drops. As for the urine, it is cloudy and sometimes comes out with blood at the end of urination.
Mild tenderness on pubis of bladder also is the symptom. Some patients can have mild lumbago. When confined to the bladder mucosa inflammatory lesions, and often no fever and leukocytosis in blood, and body minor symptoms, some patients have tired feeling. It is easy for women to affect acute cystitis after marriage which also is known as honeymoon cystitis. The course of acute cystitis is short. If it can be treated timely, those symptoms may disappear within weeks.
Chronic cystitis:
Its symptoms are frequent urination, urgent urination and painful urination, which last for a long time and happen again and again, but all of them are not severer. In the urine, there are some blood cells and pyocyte. If this type is cured timely, the symptoms will disappear quickly too, but patients still have to keep treating and stop it until doctor make sure that this disease is cured.
It is vital for people to know the differences between acute cystitis and chronic prostatitis, because they can judge the types by themselves and take right treatment. Here, the traditional treatment of this disease is antibiotic, but because of the side-effects and drug resistance, so more and more patients turn to the old east – China, their herbal formula. If you are interested it, please contact as soon as possible, we will tell you more about the ancient medical system.

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