Friday, April 12, 2013

Why herbal medicine is better than antibiotic?

Why herbal medicine becomes so popular? What is herbal medicine? It is the result of more than 5000 years clinical experience in treating. Herbal medicine made of herbals which are from plants, animals, and minerals, so herbal medicine is safe and has some advantages that western medicine doesn’t have. Herbal medicine has no side-effects, so no harmful materials can be produced when treating and the liver and kidney are very safe. Herbal medicine also has no drug resistance, so the curative effect will be good forever, what’s more, the curative effect may get better. Herbal medicine also has guiding drug which can enhance the curative effect and reduce the treating course by leading drug materials reach and work in inflammatory parts directly.
What about the antibiotic? The advantages of antibiotic are short treating course and excellent effect. However, the disadvantages of antibiotic are obvious too. Antibiotic has drug resistance, so it cannot be taken for a long time, or it is useless. Antibiotic also has side-effect. It brings harms to liver and kidney, so this disadvantages also makes it cannot be taken for a long time. The two mentioned disadvantages makes antibiotic cannot be taken freely, patients have to take them under the allowance of doctor.
All in all, herbal medicine is better than antibiotic. The herbal medicine - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill and Fuyan Pill is the result of Dr. Lee’s more than 30 years clinical experience in treating reproductive diseases such as epididymitis, infertility, prostatitis, orchitis and urinary diseases such as cystitis and so on. the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is for men’s reproductive diseases and urinary disease, while the Fuyan Pill is for women’s reproductive disease such as infertility, PID, endometriosis and so on.

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