Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Why infertility can be caused by prostatitis?

Why infertility can be caused by prostatitis? Prostatitis is a high morbidity disease that everyman can affect it. Mental and physical health can be affected by prostatitis greatly and even the infertility. However, as long as you can cure this disease in time, actually, infertility can be prevented.

Duo to the increased morbidity of prostatitis, the risks of this disease is valued by people. Recently, more and more patients go to our clinic and ask why infertility can be caused by prostatitis.
On the one hand, if men affect chronic prostatitis, there are lots of toxic materials, inflammatory materials and other bad things in the prostatic fluid and those bad things can waste the nutrient and oxygen of semen to affect the survival rate of sperm.
On the other hand, mental problem, many men has mental problem when they cannot make their wives get pregnant. On the contrary, the mental problem will affect their sexual ability and the reproductive ability and then lead to infertility.
Thirdly, if prostatitis cannot be cured totally, the bad materials such as inflammation and bacteria will spread to epididymis, testicles and seminal vesicle, which will affect the quality and reproduce of sperm from the root.
Fourthly, if there are inflammations in prostate gland, the discharge of prostatic fluid will decline and the number of sperm will decline too. What’s more, the declined enzyme in the fluid cannot make semen liquid and the sperm cannot pass through fallopian tubes and fertilize with ovum.
If you want to cure your prostatitis, you should take some tests in hospital first and then take pills. If your prostatitis is caused by bacterial infection, antibiotic is ok, if not, you may need herbal medicine. The herbal formula - Diuretic andAnti-inflammatory Pill can cure chronic nonbacterial prostatitis within three months and herbal medicine also has no side-effects and drug resistance. If you are interested in this pill, why not contact us immediately, we will reply it within five minutes.

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