Wednesday, April 24, 2013

what precautions in treating cystitis should be paid attention?

Cystitis is urinarytract infection. According to the clinical symptoms of patients, it can be classified into acute and chronic cystitis. The main symptoms are frequent urination, urgent urination, painful urination, bloody urination and other symptoms. However, many people don’t know too much about cystitis and also don’t pay attention to the precautions.
What are the precautions they have to pay attention to?
First, do not abuse antibiotic
Many men tend to take antibiotic when they find they have frequent and urgent urination, actually, the two symptoms can be caused by many reasons such as mental problem or unstable bladder function, so patients have to take some tests in hospital and then take pills.
Second, take a full course
Patients have to take full course because the symptoms disappeared not mean it is cured, if patients stop the pill, the survival bacteria will alive again and develop drug resistance. In clinical experience, this type of bladder always is treated with 2 or more than two antibiotics and should be stopped when the symptoms milder and 3 time urine tests are ok.
 Third, does bacterial culture test?
Although this isn’t simple and cost lots of time, but this test provides the actual bacteria and tell doctor what kind of antibiotic they have to choose.
All in all, men have to spend much more time on cystitis and also have to take a healthy view on this disease, because the left untreated cystitis brings lots of bad consequences to men. What’s more, the bacteria also can be spread to women when it is serious. if you are interest in this pill, please contact us as soon as possible.

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