Monday, May 27, 2013

Alternative Treatments of Glandular Cystitis

Glandular cystitis, a kind of cystitis, its cause still is unknown and the only thing we know is that it is a kind of inflammation which is caused by stimulation of urinary tract infection. actually the inflammation of this disease is sterile. In the system of TCM, the symptom of glandular cystitis belongs to downward flow of damp and heat. Except ordinary irritation signs of bladder (frequency of urinatior, urgent urination, odynuria), glandular cystitis is a kind of pathological changes of mucous membranes hyperplasia. What`s worse, this disease can deteriorate and develop into malignant tumor. That is why we should pay attention to the treatment of glandular cystitis .

However, because the pathogeny of glandular cystitis is not obvious and belongs to sterile disease, according to Western medical theory, this is no need to cure this disease. If people have symptoms, they just need to take some pain killer to release the pain. But according to TCM, people have to take some pill to enhance the body resistance and self-healing ability.
However, using the TCM theory, glandular cystitis can be cured without operation. Compare with the WM operation, "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" can avoid the pain of operation and ensure the disease could not recrudesce.
Why TCM is better than western medicine in treating glandular cystitis? First of all, TCM is good at treating chronic diseases and stubborn disease cannot be cured by western medicine. Secondly, TCM has no side-effect and no drug resistance so that no matter how long people have to take pills, their livers and kidneys are safe and won’t be hurt by TCM. Thirdly, according to the different herbs the pill chooses, the functions are different too, so the pill is unique. Everyone can get the pill which matches his or her own situation. If you are interested in this pill, please contact us as soon as possible and the email address are:,

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