Sunday, May 19, 2013

Is it possible for a PID woman conceiving?

As we know PID is a common disease for women, because every year, more than 1 million women in the USA experience an episode this disease. And as a result of PID, more than 100000 women become infertile each year, so some PID women are curious that is it possible for them to conceive. Generally speaking, that’s depending on you condition.

If your symptoms are very serious, it is hard for you to conceive successfully, while if your symptoms are mild, and can be cured in short time, the change of getting pregnant is very high. As is known, tubal blockage can be caused by PID, and tubal blockage is the first cause of infertility, so that’s the reason why it is so hard for PID women to get pregnant.
When you think you are suffering PID, your doctor will begin with a detailed history of your general health and sexual activity. He or she will perform a pelvic exam to check the health of your reproductive organs, and look for evidence of gonorrhea and chlamydia infection. Your doctor may also find the abnormal cervical discharge and tenderness of the cervix, fallopian tubes and cervix on examination. This discharge will be tested to determine the cause of the infection, including cultures for gonorrhea and chlamydia.
PID is a block of the way for you to conceive, so women should cure it timely. Here, I’d like to introduce an herbal formula for women –Fuyan Pill. This pill is excellent and can cure PID and its complications with three months. This pill has no side-effect, because all of its materials are from nature, so no toxic materials will be produced when it works on fallopian tube and pelvic cavity. This pill also has no drug resistance, so the curative effect is amazing and it will be better than yesterday if you keep taking it. Fuyan Pill is such a good pill, because it is the result of Dr. Lee’s more than 30 years’ experience in treating reproductive diseases. If you are interested in this pill, please contact us via emails:,

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