Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Herbal Medicine to Cure Hydrosalpinx and Tubal Blockage

Hydrosalpinx and tubal blockage can be cured by alternative medicine – Fuyan Pill. Here are the reasons why I recommend this pill to you guys.
Firstly, Fuyan Pill is invented by herbalist Dr. Lee, the chief doctor from Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM clinic. This pill is the result of many years of clinical research and study and used to cure fallopian tube conditions such as hydrosalpinx, pelvic tubal adhesions, tubal blockage and tubal torsion. The herbalist Dr. Lee as applied for a national patent for this pill and the number is 200910064981.5.
Secondly, Fuyan pill has excellent curative effect for it can cure those diseases mentioned above with three months. This pill has the effect of invigorating the circulation of blood and promoting Qi, so the treating course can decline and self-healing ability can be improved.

According to the western gynecological examination, we know the symptoms like pelvic congestion, connective tissues fiberization, adhesions of fallopian tubes, lumbosacral pain and lower abdominal pain. Fuyan Pill can release pain and clear away heat and toxic materials, so it can resist connective tissues fiberization and eliminate the adhesions of the organs in pelvic cavity, thereby curing hydrosalpinx, pelvic tubal adhesions, tubal blockage and Tubal torsion.
Thirdly, this pill has no side-effect. As is known, antibiotic, the typical treatment of tubal conditions, has side-effect – harms to liver and kidney. However, Fuyan Pill has no such problem, because all of its materials are from nature such as plant, animals, and minerals, so this pill can be taken for a long time and the liver and kidney won’t be hurt by this pill.
Fourthly, this pill has guiding which can enhance the curative effect. Guiding drug which only can be found in TCM is the unique character of TCM. This guiding drug can enhance curative effect, improve self-healing ability, reduce the waste of drug, and decline the treating course, and that is the reason why Fuyan Pill can cure tubal conditions within three months. If you are interested in this pill and want to know more this treatment, please contact us as soon as possible and our emails are: wuhandrlee@hotmail.com, herbalistlee@yahoo.com
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