Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What chronic prostatitis patients have to pay attention to?

In recent years, more and more men begin to infect chronic prostatitis and far away from normal lives and works. There also are some men who spend lots of many and times in treating it, but all in vain. Therefore, chronic prostatitis patients not only have to suffer plenty of pains in physical, but also the mental. Duo to the great damages of prostatitis, now, everyone knows it. However, if you are a chronic prostatitis patient, what you have to pay attention to?

On the one hand, avoid unprotected sex
Men should use condom when having sex, except that, they also have to keep their penis dry and cleaning, which can prevent infection effectively. If your foreskin is too long, please take surgery to make it suitable, because it also is an excellent way to avoid chronic prostatitis.
On the other hand, build a regular and proper intercourse
If you have chronic prostatitis , you have to build a regular sex habit, because this can refresh your prostate fluid and release uncomfortable feelings. What’s more, frequent masturbation also has to be avoided, because serious congestion can be caused by it.
Third, long time riding and sitting also have to be avoided
Long time sitting and riding also can press the prostate gland and slow down its bloody circulation, so, if you sitting too long, your prostate gland can congest easily. For you own health, please take a short walk one time per hour if you belong those workers such as office men, driver, etc.
Fourth, keep warmth
A good temperature can expending blood vessels and mild the congestion, so men also have to keep their prostate gland in a suitable temperature. What’s more, a suitable temperature also can reduce the relapse rate.
All in all, the above mentioned four prevention ways are the most common ways. If you want to know more ways, please visit our online clinic. However, if you already have had chronic prostatitis, and want to know some effective treatment, you may love to take herbal formula, because herbal formula has no side-effect and drug resistance. If you want to you the exact name of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, you can visit our online clinical to chat with our doctors or email with us and our emails are: wuhandrlee@hotmail.com, herbalistlee@yahoo.com

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