Thursday, May 16, 2013

Do you know the consequences of chronic prostatitis?

Lots of men don’t value this disease, because prostatitis is a common disease for them, however, the ignorance of this disease gives a chance for it to develop, so men should value it can take treatment timely. If you take the point that I am over it, the following four consequences might be help.
First, affect your work and living
A series of symptoms such as swelling pain on testicles, perineum, and lumbosacral, willing to urinate again, frequent night urination can affect patients’ work and living greatly, because of the stimulation of inflammation of chronic prostatitis.
Second, affect sexual ability

If left untreated, not only all kinds of symptoms and discomfort become serious, but also the sexual ability and quality can be affected greatly. What’s more, those bad effects also can lead to a bad circulation. Therefore, at last, men will hate sex because of impotence and premature ejaculation.
Third, affect men’s reproductive ability
Duo to the stimulation of inflammation, the composition of prostate fluid can be changed. As is known, prostate fluid can affect the liquefy time of semen, so if the composition of prostate fluid is changed, the movement of sperm can be affected greatly too. Therefore, the final result is infertility.
Fourth, make your wives have gynecologic inflammation by transmitting
The inflammation also can transmit to wives, especially when the prostatitis is caused by some special bacteria such as chlamydia. The common way is sex. If you have those diseases such as mould prostatitis, trichomonal prostatitis, and gonorrhea prostatitis, you’d better take condoms when having sex.
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