Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Beware of infertility caused by hydrocele of tunica vaginalis

Risk factors of hydrocele of tunica vaginalis are listed below
1.trauma: In clinical practice, 6% of patients with hydrocele of tunica vaginalis have history of kicked, beat, fallen, pulled scrotum. Surgery in abdomen, groin, and scrotum are acknowledged may cause hydrocele of tunica vaginalis. 67% of patients after kidney implantation and 35% after varicocele surgery may develop this disease, other causes may include herniorrhaphy, epididymectomy,  and removal of inguinal lymph.
2. Tumor factors: tumor in testicles, epididymis, tunica vaginalis and seminal cords may pervade to tunica vaginalis, make increased secretion and exudation block lymphatic system, thus hydrocele occurs. 2% to 5% patients with testicle tumor develop hydrocele of tunica vaginitis.
3. Bacterial infection: mycobacterium tuberculosis, diplococcus gonorrhoeae and various non-specific bacteria such as E.coli, staphylococcus, and streptococcus may cause chronic epididymitis, orchitis, corditis and vaginalitis. Mumps also may cause the disease. Filariasis in tropical zone may damage tunica vaginalis, spermatic cord and scrotum, thus cause hydrocele of tunica vaginalis.
4. Systemic disease: Heart disease, renal function failure, liver disorder and so on may cause water-sodium retention, circulation obstruction, lymph retrogradation, thus cause hydrocele of tunica vaginalis. These condition are often associated with systemic edema or ascites. In addition, some kinds of benign lesions of scrotum such as testicular torsion, testicular appendix torsion and varicocele may also cause hydrocele of tunica vaginalis.
Hereinabove listed the causes of hydrocele of tunica vaginalis. Prompt treatment is necessary to prevent infertility.
As severe hydrocele may affect routine life, positive treatment is recommended. Once the focus of disease is identified, it can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine, along with orchitis and epididymis. TCM Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill firstly kills bacteria to constrain inflammation. Then promoting circulation and Qi in the body associated with clearing away heat and toxic materials to cure hydrocele of tunica vaginalis. more information about male infertility, please contact us via emails: wuhandrlee@hotmail.com herbalistlee@yahoo.com.

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