Sunday, August 11, 2013

What are the connection between Fuyan Pill and herbal medicine?

Fuyan Pill is the result of more than 30 year’s experiences in treating genital diseases such as tubal blockage, endometriosis, and chlamydia infection and so on. Dr. Lee, as its mother says this pill made of around 4o herbs. the major herbs are bupleurum, Chinese angelica, bighead atractylodes rhizome, honey suckle flower, fructus forsythia, plantain seed, peach seed, Flos Carthami, Pangolin Scales, Pink Herb, and Polygonum aviculare, thus, this pill has many functions that other pills don’t have.

Some herbs in this pill makes it can clear away heat and toxic materials and eliminate bacterial infection and inflammation. This function makes all bacterial has no place to hide. This function also make Fuyan Pill can be an alternative of antibiotic. Therefore, if one woman has genital diseases caused by bacterial infection of inflammation, Fuyan Pill also can be chosen as treatment.
Some herbs in this pill also make this pill can dissipate hard lumps, and dissolve stasis. Thus, this pill also can cure disease like tubal blockage, endometriosis. This function makes ectopic tissues and inflammatory hydrops can be absorbed. The first function and this function makes tubal conditions can be cured with three months treatment.
Fuyan Pill also can promote blood circulation and Qi, which makes the self-healing ability and curative effect wonderful. There is no doubt that blood stream is the main way to transport drugs to reach the inflammatory part, so this pill can enhance the effect and improve the self-healing ability. If your chronic reproductive diseases can be cured by antibiotic with four months, it will be cured with three months if you take Fuyan Pill.
If the above mentioned are all advantages this pill has, I think this is no need for us to take it, but this pill also has the advantages including has no side-effect and no drug resistance. fuyan Pill is one of the best pill in treating female diseases. The date from Wuhan Dr.Lee’s TCM clinic shows that almost the cure rate of Fuyan Pill is around 95%. If you are interested in this pill, please feel free to contact us and our emails,

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