Sunday, August 18, 2013

Diagnosis vesiculitis via its symptoms is accurate

Vesiculitis can hurt men’s sperm can lead infertility to them. spermatophore is an important affiliated gland organ of genital. Its surface is ruggerd with the chape of wide at the top and narrowed at the bottom. Its front and behind are slightly compressed. Although Vesticulitis is a disease easy to be cured, the first step is making sure what kind of disease you have had.

Here are typical symptoms of Vesiculitis
Seminal vesicle fluid which contains rich tartaric acid used to supply nutrition to semen’s activity, liquidizes semen. Spermatic inflammation may cause nonliquefaction of semen.
A healthy color of semen is milky white or yellow, but if your semen appears hysgine red, red-brown or blood, it turns out to be hemospermia.
In addition to the above mentioned symptoms, it also can cause Painful ejaculation, hypoactive sexual desire disorder, spermatorrhea, decrease of sperm, and prospermia.
Acute patients can experience chills and fever.
Vesiculitis often happens after prostatitis and urethritis, so its symptoms are similar with the symptoms of frequent micturition, urgency of micturition, painful micturition, and searing heat in spermatophore.
Hypogastralgiastraining feeling in perineum and pain in groinwhich become obvious when ejaculate.
65% of the semen is spermatic secretions in which fructose can be used by sperm to energize. When the spermatophore get inflamed, spermatic secretions will become less, which will reduce the amount of semen and affect the activity of sperm indirectly, causing infertility to men.
Now we know the symptoms of Vesiculitis and also know what kind of Vesiculitis we have had. If it is acute type, the treatment is simple and only antibiotic is enough, but if it is chronic type, the treatment is complicated. Although it also can be cured by antibiotic, herbal medicine is better, because herbal medicine has no side-effect and no drug resistance with long time treatment. If you are interested in herbal medicine and want to know more about herbal medicine, please feel free to contact us and our emails,

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