Sunday, February 3, 2013

The short written of pelvic inflammatory disease is PID

The short written of pelvic inflammatory disease is PID. When women have inflammations in those tissues which are near uterus such as Pelvic reproductive organs and pelvic peritoneum, absolutely, those women have PID.PID can be classified into twp types. The first type is acute pelvic inflammatory disease and the other type is chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. Every woman can affect this disease, but it is more prone to those women who are 30-50 years old and have frequent sexual intercourse. As long as women affect this disease, there is no doubt that they will experience pain in lower abdomen, irregular menses and abnormal Leucorrhea.

As a matter of fact, PID isn’t a stubborn disease. However, because of some reasons such as many women are easily to ignore the treatment, so the cure rate is very low. Therefore, there is no doubt why many women hold the view that pelvic inflammatory disease is a stubborn disease.
The diagnosis is very complicated, because its symptoms are various from people to people. Firstly, women should make sure that they have pain when pressing uterus. Secondly, women should experience pressing pain on adnexa. At last, they should feel cervical motion tenderness. The tree symptoms above mentioned is the minimum standards. So when women find they have those symptoms, they should pay attention to those symptoms. It is better for them to take exams in hospital and take a diagnosis. While, when women have the three symptoms and their white cells is increasing too, there is no doubt that those women have pelvic inflammatory disease.
The consequences of this disease are risky, and no one can bear it. If PID female cannot diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. It not only is impossible for women to get pregnant, it also can damage pelvic tissues to make women have pelvic cancer. In addition, Peritonitis is a consequence of PID too. The inflammation on pelvic can lead to abscess in the fallopian tubes and the ovaries and make fallopian tube blocked.
If women want to enjoy happy and healthy lives, they must treat this disease quickly. Here, I want to introduce Fuyan Pill to women. FuyanPill is an herbal medicine, so this pill doesn’t have side-effect and harms and is very safe for women to take. If you want to know more information about this Fuyan Pill and PID, please feel free to contact or email us.

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