Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to pay attention to all little things in life to guard against cystitis?

How to pay attention to all little things in life to guard against cystitis? As for many men, cystitis isn’t a serious disease, but, the truth is, many severe results can be caused by cystitis, especially in hot summer, because other diseases can be caused by spreading inflammations of untimely treatment. “Actually, many cystitis are caused by many little things in life, Dr. Lee says, “so how to prevent this disease by pay attention to all little things in life?”

Cystitis is common disease and its relapse rate is very high. Its characters are stubborn, refractory, long treating course and high infection rate. So its main symptoms are frequent urination, blood urine, and so on. And the key point of curing cystitis is preventing it. So let’s experts will tell you how to prevent cystitis by pay attention to little things in life.
Firstly, men should take a good rest and drink more hot water. They also have to avoid spicy and stimulated foods.
Secondly, urinate when is necessary and pay attention to personal hygiene. It is better for then to keep cleaning and keep a regular sexual intercourse. Men should take urination before and after intercourse.
Thirdly, pay attention to urinary track hygiene and avoid urinary track infection. Shampoo should are not allowed, because those things will stimulate bladder and aggravate the symptoms.
Fourthly, tight clothes such as jeans should be forbidden too.
How to cure cystitis?
As is known to all that although the curative effect of antibiotics is wonderful, it also has many disadvantages, While, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill doesn’t have those weaknesses. This pill doesn’t have drug resistance, side-effects, and so on. If you want to know more information about this pill, please contact us as soon as possible. What’s more, this pill also has guiding drug, which can lead other drug materials reach and work on inflammatory parts more easily.
Secondly, antibiotic
The curative effect of antibiotic is very good when cure acute cystitis. However, it is easy for acute cystitis develop into chronic cystitis, because the weakness of antibiotic is drug resistance. So not only a long time taking of antibiotic can make it be resisted by bacteria and inflammations, the change of dosage also have to be changed by doctors.
All in all, cystitis is a stubborn disease for men, so please receive timely treatment immediately, as long as you notice some signs of cystitis.

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