Friday, February 22, 2013

The symptoms of prostatitis

Prostatitis is a common male disease and has many symptoms, but what are its symptoms? Actually, it is very vital for people to learn some prostatitis symptoms, because men can diagnose and cure this disease according to its symptoms. Here are some symptoms of men to learn:

1. Urine flow becomes thinner
Urine flow becomes thinner is the first symptom. Urine flow can be affected be the following reasons greatly, because of the weakened ability of urination, especially when the edge of urethra orifice isn’t smooth caused by Glandular hyperplasia,
2. Hard to urinating
When men have blockages on their urinary track, the resistance of urine is increased too. So men have to increase the pressure of abdomen to conquer the resistance. Therefore, hard to urinating is the second symptoms.
3. Changes in urine
When patients have congestion and expending vessels in their prostate gland, they have blood urine easily, because angiorrhexis can be caused by congestion and expending vessels.
4. Discomfort feeling when urinating
After urinating, those uncomfortable feelings such as dull pain in urinary track and uncomfortable feelings in abdomen can be experienced by prostatitis patients.
5. Frequent urination
This symptom not only is the early signal of prostatitis but also is the most unbearable sign, especially when it happens at night. What’s more, the times of night urination will increase with the development of urinary obstruction. So men should value this symptom, as long as they find they have this sigh, they should go to hospital and take some test immidatiely.
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  1. Men should know what the symptoms of prostatitis are since they are the most common target. It's going to be a big help in preventing prostatitis in the future.