Friday, February 22, 2013

What is pelvic inflammatory disease and what are its infection organs?

What is pelvic inflammatory disease and what are its infection organs? As a matter of fact, this disease can happen on one or both fallopian tubes. Its inflammations regions consist of endometrits, tubo-ovarian abscess and pelvic peritoneum. Many people hold the view that PID only can happen in pelvic area, but the truth is, it also can happen in other parts such as fallopian tubes. What are the symptoms of PID? Its main symptom of pelvic inflammatory disease is pain, severe pain. Thus, if women want to get rid of the severer pain, they have to cure this disease totally. PID is a stubborn disease and hard to be diagnosed by people if they don’t use some medical equipments, because its symptoms can be found in many diseases. What’s more, the complex structure of pelvic cavity also adds difficulty to the diagnosis. Thus, sometimes doctors call this disease adnexitis when they cannot figure out the exact inflammatory location.

In china, doctors tend to classified it into chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and acute pelvic inflammatory disease. On the contrary, in foreign country, they tend to classify this disease according to its symptoms. Its symptoms are fever, vomiting, painful intercourse, nausea, fatigue, smelly vaginal discharge, menstrual irregularities, and painful urination, severe and tenderness pain in lower abdomen or pelvic region, etc. so when women affect this disease, you must know how pity they are! It is urgent for women to seek for some effective treatment to cure this disease, because only the timely and immediately treatment of this disease can help women avoid the severer pain. On the other hand, women also can avoid damages before it get worse, as long as they can treat this disease rightly.
Fuyan Pill, an herbal medicine and has many wonderful functions, is the best pill that Dr. Lee want to recommend. Firstly, heat and bad materials can be cleared away by this pill, so inflammations and bacteria can be cleared by this pill totally. Secondly, this pill can promote Qi and circulations. This function can enhance pill’s curative effect and the women body’s self-healing ability. Thirdly, this pill can dissolve stasis and lumps, so blockages which are caused by inflammations and bacterial stimulations can be dissolved by this pill too. What’s more, women don’t have to worry about this damage of kidney and liver, because it has no side-effects. This pill also has many other advantages, so if you have any questions about this pill, please contact us as soon as possible.

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