Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Introduction of western medicine and herbal medicine

When men have inflammations or bacteria in their prostate gland, this situation is called prostatitis. However, prostatitis also can be caused without any infection. It is inflammation without of infection. Prostatitis can affect males at all ages, but it is more prone to those men who are older than 50. Most of males are under a torture of prostatitis even though they treat it again and again but all in vain, because prostatitis is a stubborn disease and has high relapse rate. Does those who prostatitis patients have to endure this disease in their whole lifetimes? Are there any available treatments for men to choose? Now, let’s have a look at it.

Prostatitis can be caused by the following situations: man has enlarged prostate gland which is infected by bacteria of bladder. Inadequate exercise makes bacteria cannot be brought out. Age is the third factor because their prostate gland of old men are weak than young men. The last situation is having unprotected sexual intercourse. As long as men have one of the above mentioned situations, they should be careful and value it, because they belong to high infection group. However, there also is no need to worry about too much, because the treating methods of this disease are various.
Once you have those symptoms such as frequent urination, chills, fever, trouble urinating, sharp pain when urinating, you have to seek for some proper prostatitis treatments. However, before you take pills, you have to see a doctor to make sure what kind of prostatitis you have.
The available treatments are western medicine, home remedies, Traditional Chinese Medicine. Antibiotics are the commonest treatment, this kind of therapy is very good because its curative effect is excellent and the pills are very cheap too. However, just like a coin has two sides, antibiotics also have its weaknesses and the biggest weakness is drug resistance. Commonly, the curative effect of antibiotics will become bad after a long time taking. So the long your take antibiotics, the more you have to spend.
Traditional Chinese Medicine is herbal medicine and Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill as one member of herbal medicine, it is invented to cure prostatitis. This pill is herbal medicine, so it won’t harm human body and bring side effects to patients. This pill has many advantages. It can promote the blood circulation and dissolve stasis and clear the toxic materials away. Therefore, no matter what kind of prostatitis you affected, it can be cured by this pill totally. 

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