Tuesday, February 5, 2013

why we have to figure out the six types of prostatitis?

There is no doubt that the treating methods of prostatitis are various, because of the great dangerous of this disease. Just like one coin has two sides, every treating method has advantages and also has disadvantages. So if people want to cure this disease totally and avoid the relapse, they should figure out the advantages and disadvantages firstly. Here, in order to help people far away from this disease as early as possible, I will introduce some treatment for people:
1. Herbal medicine
Herbal medicine which has 5000 thousands year history is from China.  Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, as one kind of herbal medicine, it also has the advantages that herbal medicine has. This pill has no side-effects, no drug resistance and wonderful curative effect. Disadvantages like high expense and three months curing course belong to this pill too.
2. Conventional treatment
The conventional treatments are antibiotics and surgery. Although it isn’t such effective, it is still a good way to cure acute prostatitis. It can make the symptoms to disappear within one week. The treating course is short too. Before you to take antibiotics, you would better to go to the hospital and ask for help from the doctors, for they know how to reduce the drug resistance rate and improve the cure rate.

3. Systemic antibiotic therapy
This kind of treatment is used to treat obstruction prostatitis patients and not uses for the prostate calcification patients, because complicated structure of prostate gland prevents drug material cannot reach and work on it. People who take this kind of treatment to cure their prostatitis have to endure the damages of livers, kidney and stomach. Moreover, this kind of treatment also needs patients to suffer some damages on liver, kidney and stomach.
4. Prostate injection
This kind of treatment isn’t suit for those patients whose condition is light. But for the severe prostatitis patients, they can choose this way. Although this treatment requires skilled doctors and the process is sophisticated, it makes the drugs to reach the inflammation part directly to work on it. Therefore, the effectiveness of this kind treatment is wonderful.
5. Prostatitis massage
Prostatic massage is a good treating method, because blood circulation can be promoted by this way and the resistance ability also can be enhanced by it too. However, bacterial prostatitis cannot use this way, because the bacteria not only cannot be cleared by this way, the bacterial also can spread to other organs with the promoted blood circulations. So men have to take pills to kill bacteria.
6. Urethra catheter drenches technology.
This kind of treatment is used to help patients who have no obstruction on prostate. When people use this way to treat their prostatitis, they should kill the bacterial infection first, because this is one of the easiest infection ways in the world. 

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