Thursday, February 28, 2013

The manifestations of necrospermia

What are the manifestations of necrospermia? Does everyone know it? Actually, this disease is one of the causes of male infertility. What is necrospermia? It means there aren’t enough alive sperm in male’s semen. Some men don’t know that they already have had this disease, so no timely and immediately treatment be received by them. Therefore, for men, how to diagnose that they have had this diseaseAs a matter of fact, this disease can be diagnosed from the manifestations.

The manifestations of necrospermia
1.       Hunger death. This kind of situation is caused by lacking of nutrient. When sperm cannot absorb enough nutrient, they will die
2.       Lacking of oxygen. Sperm also can be died of lacking of oxygen.
3.       Lacking of vitamin. Vitamin C is a very important material for sperm, when sperm cannot absorb enough Vitamin C, serious dead and disease of sperm also can be induced.
4.       lacking of Zn. This mineral is also very important. When sperm cannot get enough Zn from semen, they will die too.
5.       Improper PH value. When the PH value of semen is lower than 6.5, a huge amount of sperm will die in this improper environment.
From the above mentioned manifestations of this disease, I believe that everyman have a brief understanding of it, so the most important thing for them is treating it. Although the common treatment is antibiotic, more and more men tend to take herbal medicine. Except the congenital necrospermia, all kinds of necrospermia can be cured by herbal medicine - Diureticand Anti-inflammatory Pill. This pill can cure this disease from the root because it has many functions such as clearing away heat and toxic materials, promoting blood circulation and QI, dissolving stasis and dissipating hard lumps and releasing pain and so on. Its curative effect also is very good, because it has no drug resistance and side-effects. If you are interested in this pill and want to purchase some, please contact us as soon as possible, because the earlier you take this pill, the sooner you can get rid of this disease.  

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