Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Is surgery the only way to cure tubal adhesion?

What is tubal adhesion? This disease always happens when their fallopian tubes has inflammation. The inflammation can stimulate the tubes and make it discharge lots of inflammatory secretion which makes fallopian tube blocked and adhere easily.
In western country, antibiotic and surgery are the treating methods of this disease. However, the antibiotic only can kill the bacteria and stop the development of adhesion and blockage instead cure it. as for the surgery, it only can reopen the tube but cannot cure this disease, so many women have to take surgery again and again to reopen their tubes ,so some times doctors also recommend women to remove their fallopian tubes.

However, are surgery and antibiotic the only treating methods of this disease? Do women have to choose such horrible disease to cure their disease? Actually, they don’t. There also are other alternative treatment can help them get rid of this disease and don’t need to cut their fallopian tubes.
In the east, there is an old country named China, in this country, the Traditional Chinese Medicine is the solution of this disease. The herbal medicine – Fuyan Pill invented by Dr. Lee can cure this disease. this medicine made of more than 40 rarely herbs which are from plants, animals, minerals and so on, so this pill is very safe.
This herbal medicine can cure fallopian tube disease instead of hurt it. Why this pill is so excellent?
There are two reasons:
First, it can clear away heat and toxic materials. This function makes all kinds of bacteria, virus, Chlamydia and other bad materials cannot escape. This strong ability of kill bacteria makes all bad things can be killed with three months and there is no change for them to grow again. So women also don’t have to worry about the high relapse, because this pill doesn’t have such problem.
Second, this pill can dissipate hard lumps and dissolve stasis. This function makes the blockages and adhesions aren’t problem anymore. Women don’t have to remove their tubes, because when their tubes are open, no ectopic pregnancy and infertility will bored them.
All in all, the above mentioned two functions makes this pill is the most suitable pill for tubal diseases. The two functions can cure this kind of disease thoroughly. What’s more, Fuyan Pill also has other advantages that antibiotic and surgery don’t have such as guiding drug, no side-effect, no drug resistance, no harms on liver and kidney and so on. If you are interested in this pill, please feel free to contact us.

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