Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The treating methods of tubal blockage

The choosing of treating methods of tubalblockage should depend on the blockage degree such as totally blocked or not, except this, the blockage part also is an important index. Curing rate and Treatment difficulty are different. If it is cured by herbal medicine – Fuyan Pill, as long as this disease disappears, pregnancy is ok. If it is cured by Laparoscopic surgery, three months later after surgery, getting pregnant is ok. This disease should be treated in time so that women won’t miss the best pregnant age. The exact cost depends on the actual situation

Treating methods of tubal blockage:
If the blockage happens on ampullary of fallopian tube, you can choose IVF.
The treatment of this disease also can be hysteroscope, either alone or in combination with laparoscope, but the combination treatment belongs to excessive treatment.
This disease can caused different degree pain in low abdomen that most of them are dull pain, pain in their lumbosacral region, Irregular menstruation which appears like irregular period and increased menstrual blood, dysmenorrheal which caused by congestion that always happens one week earlier before period, and when the period is coming, the pain become severer and end when the period comes and leukorrhagia and so on. Some patients cannot experience anything except cannot conceive. Herbal medicine- Fuyan Pill has strong ability to clear away heat and toxic materials. All bacteria, virus, chlamydia, mycoplasma and pathogene can be killed within three months, this pill also can resist hyperplasia, reopen fallopian tube, release pain, and adjust menstruation and so on. Patients have to build confidence, because human body has the ability of self-healing, so please don’t loss hope.
Herbalmedicine-Fuyan Pill also has other advantages such as no drug resistance, no side-effects and the amazing functions such as clearing away heat and toxic materials, promoting blood circulation and dissolving stasis, dissipating hard lumps and releasing pain and so on. If you are interested in this pill, please contact us as soon as possible.

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