Friday, March 15, 2013

What kind of factors has close connection with prostatitis?

What kind of factors has close connection with prostatitis? there is no doubt that prostatitis is a common male disease, so many male people value this disease and want to know more information about it such as they want to know the reason of prostatitis, the symptoms and how to treat it.
Generally speaking, this disease can be caused by many reasons but the main reasons are bad living habits and professional habits.
1. Love dressing tight underwear and jeans.
Some people love to dress tight underwear and jeans when they were young, which makes them can get some disease that only old can have.
2. Professional habit
There are some people who have to sitting for a long time because of their work such as taxi driver, office men and women and computer men.
3. Bad living habits
Those bad living habits such as frequent intemperance, excessive drinking, bike riding, and horse riding can cause congestion on prostate gland, which has close connection with the happening of connection.
4. Ignore to keep warm
Cold weather can affect the sensitive of sympathetic nerve of prostate gland, which can add the pressure of urinary track and affect the shrink of urinating, so it is easy for it congestions.
5. Holding urine
This bad habit also is the reason of prostatitis, if you love holding urine, you should quit this bad habit as early as possible.
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