Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Only three months treatment with herbal medicine, will you get rid of prostatitis forever

Many people hold the view that prostatitis is hard to cured disease, not only because of the high relapse rate, but also the bad curative effect of antibiotic and other traditional treating methods. As is known, prostatitis has many types but the most famous three types are acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic prostatitis and chronic nonbacterial prostatitis. It is ok to choose antibiotic to cure acute prostatitis, because the curative effect of antibiotic of this type is excellent. However, as for the other two types, the curative effect is bad.

The operating principle of antibiotic is very simple that is killing all bacteria, but the drug resistance makes this won’t always work well forever. The drug resistance makes the survival bacteria and bad materials grow and reproduce again and again. So the other two types of prostatitis should be treated with other treating methods.
The alternative treatment of prostatitis – herbal medicine is the pill that I want to introduce. This herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is the result of Dr. Lee’s more than 20 years research on prostatitis. This pill made of more than 40 rarely herbs, so this pill is safe that can be taken until this disease is cured.
This pill also has other functions. Firstly, this pill can promote blood circulation and Qi, which can improve the self-healing ability and quicken the penetration speed of drugs. Secondly, this pill can dissipate hard lumps and dissolve stasis, which can reopen the blockage. Thirdly, it can clear away heat and toxic materials, so all bad materials such as Chlamydia, bacteria, virus and other bad things can be cleared totally within three months. The last but not the least, it can release pain, so patients don’t have to bear the pain and other symptoms anymore.
If the above mentioned four functions make Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill impressive, the following advantages will make it a shining star in medicine. This pill has no drug resistance, so patients don’t need to worry about it and the curative effect will be as good as the first day. This pill also has no side-effects, so patients also don’t have to worry about the damage of liver and kidney.
The above mentioned aspects make Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill the best alternative prostatitis medicine. Prostatitis can be cured by this pill within three months and there is no need to worry about the recurrence. If you are interested in this pill, please feel free to contact us.

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