Thursday, March 7, 2013

What are the early symptoms of orchitis?

What are the early symptoms of orchitis? Among all of male reproductive infection, orchitis is one disease that has to be reminded. There is no doubt that testicle is an important organ for men, as long as their testicles are infected, they have to bear some serious consequences. Men should value this disease and take timely treatment, because the earlier you cure it, the less harms you will get.

What are the early symptoms of orchitis?
1.       fever and chill
2.       Pain in testicles and their scrotum and the groin area also have.
3.       Swelling and pressure pain will happen on the infected testicle, if there are some pus in it, when you touch it, you can feel them.
4.       Often accompanied by scrotal skin irritation and scrotum in hydrocele of tunica vaginalis
According the above mentioned symptoms, men can diagnose it and treat it timely and immediately. Although the traditional treatment is antibiotic, more and more people tend to seek for herbal medicine to replace it, because antibiotic has many weaknesses such as drug resistance, side-effects and low curing rate and so on. Herbal medicine, as an alternative medicine, has many advantages that antibiotic don’t have. Let’s take Diureticand Anti-inflammatory Pill for example. This pill has many advantages, because it adds many rarely herbs. Some can promote blood circulation and Qi, some can clear away heat and toxic materials, some can dissipate hard lumps and some can dissolve stasis and release pain. The curative effect of this pill is wonderful; this disease can be cured within three months. If you want to know more information about this pill, please contact us as soon as possible.

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