Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Is yellow urine the sign of urethritis?

Is yellow urine the sign of urethritis? Does every one know the answer? Do you inspect you urine and do you know why some times it is transparent and sometimes is yellow and even is in deep yellow. What is the reason? Some people worry that yellow urine is the early sign of urethritis, is this point true?

What is the cause of yellow urine? This kind of situation can be classified into two types. One is bilirubinuria and the other one is Urobilinogen. Bilirubinuria is caused by intrahepatic and extrahepatic biliary tract is inflammation, cancer, stones jams, cause bile duct pressure, timid tube rupture, bile spillovers, the bilirubin sodium into the systemic circulation. When Bilirubin sodium is over, Bilirubinuria happens. Urobilinogen always caused by Often because of liver damage, cause intestinal absorption Urobilinogen, into the urine, then in Urobilinogen. Or hemolytic anemia patients, because of a large number of red blood cells are destroyed. Make a lot of Urobilinogen the intestinal wall absorption into the portal circulation, because the liver can't take too much Urobilinogen into bilirubin, also in Urobilinogen.
Why urine can be yellow? Actually, the color urine of health people is faint yellow. When the whether is cold, the urine is clear and has no color, but when the whether is hot, the urine appears yellow, which has close connection with sweating and drinking and also can be changed with diet. When food is acid, the urine always appears in deep yellow, while if the food is alkali, the color of urine is yellowish. The changing of color is temporary and can recovery sonly, so it is safe.
However, abnormal yellow urine might be the sign of hepatitis.
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